My First Bullet Journal!

Happy first day of July! I’m super excited to get this month rolling. I have a ton of cool projects to work on both for myself and my internship, plus I’m decluttering my room and organizing my life with a new planner!


After looking at a lot of Pinterest boards and Instagram accounts and reading a lot of blogs, I have decided that I want to start my own bullet journal. What I like about it so far is that it allows me to create my own pages and doodle out my own artistic ways, while at the same time being useful to organize my life, track my habits, and plan my future. It serves as a personal agenda and a diary, and so far I’m loving using it. The past week or so I have been creating pages for me to use this July, and I thought I’d share with you guys the kinds of pages I made to use this month! Most of my ideas I took from Pinterest boards, but I’m sure that the longer I do this, I’ll want to come up with some ideas of my own!


First, I have my monthly spread! Here I can look at all the days of the month and put down any major events all together. I had some extra space on the side so I made a list of goals for me to focus on throughout the month. In any remaining space, I decorated with washi tape that I found on Etsy. Washi tape is quickly becoming my new favorite easy decorating tool!


Next is a spread for a daily log. When I saw a lot of these on Pinterest, many of them use only one page, and each day only takes up one line. I decided to make my daily log for the month of July a two-page spread because I know I’ll want to write more than five or six words for a whole day. This allows me to use anywhere from one to three lines to log my daily activities. The outside edges are decorated with another kind of washi tape!


I immediately knew I wanted to try a habit tracker when I saw other BuJo enthusiasts posting about theirs. This is such an easy way to visually keep track of habits I either want to do more of (like exercise, clean, and getting to bed at a decent hour) or break habits that I do too much of (like spending money, drinking alcohol, or playing computer games…) You color in the box for each day that you do each thing, and at the end of the month you can look at all your progress through colorful boxes! And then when you make one for the next month, you can also see what you need to work on more.

What do you guys think of my pages? I’ll do an update post later on in the month showing these same pages in progress, plus maybe next week show some other ideas I’ve done for non-monthly BuJo pages! What kinds of pages do you have in your journal?




5 thoughts on “My First Bullet Journal!

  1. I absolutely love this!! You gave me so much inspiration that I think I want to create my own! ❤
    I've always loved agendas and cute little notebooks and stuff but it's sometimes hard to find designs that match my personality so I feel like this is the perfect solution!

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    1. I’m so glad! I’ve been having so much fun with mine and already doing so much better being organized and keeping track of my habits.


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